case study

Revitive Circulation Booster.  An innovative product aimed at seniors who suffered from aching feet and legs.  Company had moderate success in the UK and Australia.

The Objective:

  • Sell product!
  • Build Brand Awareness

The Challenge:

  • Really poor quality TV creative using British Talent
  • Very limited launch budget $35K!

The Initial Launch Strategy:

  • Recreated the UK TV spot, using local talent
  • Launch using DRTV, PR and some social media
  • Total Budget:$35K

Initial Results:

  • DRTV delivered a positive ROI but also created enough buzz to help us secure retail placement at a few of the smaller pharmacy chains.
  • Approximately 15% of monthly sales revenue was reinvested into DRTV
  • Within 6 months, had sold over xx units and secured retail placement within top pharmacy banners.

The Growth Strategy:

  • Hired Guy Lafleur as the Brand Ambassador. Guy was selected because, it was a well-known fact that he has stopped skating because of the chronic pain he suffered in his legs.
  • Continue to run a mix of :60 & :30 second TV spots, PPC and online video ads.
    • Core customer for this product was A50+

The Results:

  • $22.5 million in sales in the first 2 years, with a gross profit margin of 38%!

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