Well for starters, how about a product that nobody really wants?  Let’s face it, admitting your need a personal emergency response system is, for most people, admitting you are getting old.  The success story behind this rebranding is founded on taking an industry that was based on fear to one that celebrates the possibilities and independence that personal emergency response systems offer.  Click on the link to see how we did it!

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Talk about an exciting project.  Building a brand from the ground up is every media company’s dream.  From the logo and tagline, to videos, the website and all of the marketing collateral, we’ve been there with Fixit to create and market their amazing service.
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Working with Mary Walsh was just brilliant. Mary is everything we expected her to be, brilliant, funny, classy and a really great person! She embraced her role as “Mary Godmother” and truly made it her own … one day .. maybe, we will publish the blooper reel!

Bios is the perfect example of how smaller brands can maximize their budgets. The most expensive aspect of creating great video content (for TV, Online marketing or corporate) is the actual shooting time. The Ensemble team gets it, and we created 3 really great brand spots for Bios in both English and French (that is a total of 6 actual commercials) – all for under $40K total!

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While not an Ensemble product per say, working on Revitive is where the idea of Ensemble came from. Collaborating on the production of Canadian marketing materials for Revitive Canada is where Pam and Angus first realized they were kindred spirits. Both shared a passion for finding better and more cost affordable alternatives for budget sensitive clients. Revitive’s incredible Canadian launch success is had many contributing factors, read the case study for more info.
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branding & design

Logo design and business collateral for a health and fitness centre. The owners wanted more inclusive branding to represent the wide spectrum of clients they serve. To do this they needed a look that was far from the high energy/ no pain no gain feel that is common with most gym logos and branding. The logo represents the three elements that form the main mantra of the owners – that healthy living depends on a balance of mind, body and spirit.

Logo update for Evergreen Elementary School. The client wanted a clean, modern and friendly logo that represented the name and spirit of the school.

The school staff and kids were ecstatic about their new logo and quickly popped it on their school pride merchandise and flag.

Complete branding of an international company. With hubs around the globe, this organization needed a clean, modern yet friendly look to balance the professional medical sphere and the individual/consumer sphere. The full scope of this ongoing project includes logo, business collateral and website (currently in phase 1).

The client wanted a logo with a subtle reference to a DNA strand.

Complete branding of an international company. Urban Barns Foods was an adventure in high-tech lettuce and microgreen production. Completely grown indoors using LED lighting, the company wanted to celebrate its modern take on non-GMO and pesticide-free produce without being too futuristic or detached from the “heart-feel” of organic food and local agriculture. To do this we created a balance between the two worlds using bold colours and fresh fonts mixed with traditional and natural elements such as wood and canvas textures.

The lettuce dome provided an extra challenge as the client (unable to control how their product would be shelved in stores) did not want a simple sticker placed on the top of the dome. we tackled this with the idea of creating a label that worked similar to a cigar ring – a round sleeve that provided branding at all angles no matter how the product was placed on the shelf.

Another part of the strategy was creating a series of online chef videos (with local professional chefs), “The Amused Bouche,” to provide online content to their social media channels.

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