case study

The Objective:

New Customer Acquisition at a reasonable cost per acquisition.

The Challenges:

Well for starters, how about a product that nobody really wants?  Let’s face it, admitting your need a personal emergency response system is, for most people, admitting you are getting old.

Combine that immense challenge with really small budgets compared to their multi-national competitor Phillips, we had our work cut out for us!

Our Strategy:

  • Revamp and reinvigorate the brand.
  • Change the positioning of the product to “Emergency Response” to “Smart Safety Solution”
  • Communicate to our potential customers in way that does not insult their intelligence or create fear, but does tug a little on the heart strings.
  • Employ a hybrid DRTV type TV execution using a combination of :30 & :60 second spots.

The Results:

  • Sales growth of 27% (YTD Q3 – 2018)
  • Maintained an efficient advertising ROI
  • Overwhelming positive feedback from customers on the new brand and in particular, the new TV Creative.

TV Creative 2017/2018

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